Head of the Information and Computing Center


36, 16 Lypnia Street, Rivne (8th floor)
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Ensuring the functioning of the computer network of LDMU, carries out analytical work on its operation and modernization;
  • Organization of access and support of the Internet;
  • Maintenance and technical support of video surveillance systems;
  • Organization, setting up and technical support of the system of operative videoconferencing, EDKI, Academic Council;
  • Maintenance of educational lecture halls with multimedia support;
  • Repair and maintenance of peripheral computer equipment and university equipment in order to maintain the equipment in working order and compliance with performance characteristics;
  • Periodic preventive and technical inspection of computer peripherals and equipment, providing technical advice on the effective use of technology;
  • Maintenance of computer classes;
  • Drawing up of acts of a technical condition of the equipment. Issuance of technical opinions on the write-off of morally and physically obsolete models of equipment and devices;
  • Development, implementation and administration (except for data filling) of general and specialized websites and web portals of the university (with maximum use of standardized and “open”) content management systems):
    - main web portal of LSMU;
    - Facebook page of LDMU;
  • Administration of information systems for process automation of LDMU: MEDoc, SDO treasury, Network; program complex "MEDICAL STAFF"; Education; Assistant, ELEX, Simulation - interactive learning system body interact, PC Image Pro;
    Unified State Electronic Database on Education (EDEBO):
    - setting up workstations for EDEBO users;
    - constant consultations to EDEBO operators of structural divisions of the university;
    - support of actual data in the module "Educational institution", addition of new information or its replacement;
    - verification of licensing data.
  • Prints methodical materials, advertising booklets, diplomas and diploma supplements;
  • Conducts training and consulting work on the development, design, implementation and use of the latest information technologies and the use of telecommunications equipment, computers and other equipment in the field of information technology;
  • Receives, stores and fulfills requests from structural units of the University regarding the needs for access to resources and their maintenance;
  • Interacts with structural subdivisions of the University and other organizations on issues related to the competence of the IOC;
  • Performs other tasks assigned to the IOC by the University management