Head of the Operational and technical department


36, 16 Lypnia Street, Rivne (8th floor)
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Operational and technical department

1. Collects and analyzes the applications of units for material, technical and economic support.

2. Provides the structural units with the necessary material and technical resources within the distribution, which is determined according to the applications and the number of employees.

3. Provides employees of the university and departments with material and technical means, stationery, paper, furniture and other equipment.

4. Carries out work on improvement of working conditions of employees of university and its divisions.

5. Organizes the search for suppliers for the conclusion of contracts of sale of goods, works and services.

6. Prepares letters and documents required for the conclusion (re-conclusion) of contracts.

7. Ensures the correct drafting of contracts in accordance with the terms of applicable law.

8. Prepares and submits to the legal department of the university materials for claims against suppliers for violation of the rules of supply.

9. Ensures compliance with fire safety rules and safety monitoring.

10. Controls and ensures the maintenance in proper condition, intended use, timely technical inspection of vehicles on the balance of the university.

11. Organizes work on reception, storage, spending and release of inventory from the warehouse, maintaining proper sanitary and fire safety in warehouses.